Restaurant review: Cafe Caturra has new concept, new table service, new name: Caturra on Grove

The restaurant world is nothing if not constantly changing – chefs and owners change with regularity as do concepts and locations. That kind of evolution is a signature of the Richmond dining scene, too.

Take Cafe Caturra, for example. The Grove Avenue eatery has done its share of evolving since it first opened as a coffee shop and wine bar in 2007. This past spring, it introduced some of its most sweeping changes when a full bar was added, a “New American Bistro” concept was adopted, full table service replaced counter service and a new name – Caturra on Grove – appeared on the menu.

On two visits over a recent weekend, Caturra on Grove was crowded and busy. The atmosphere was cozy, hip and decidedly family-friendly, with diners ranging from young couples to groups of friends to parents wrangling toddlers.

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